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Hélios comes to you with its new personal chef and hotel service at home.
We cook, we serve and we clean.
Services on an affordable budget.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
Hélios at Home

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Hélios is a contemporary restaurant that wants to be a place where we live experiences and moments of sharing.
Located in the heart of the dynamic Eaux-Vives district, Hélios offers a warm atmosphere to its clientele.

Hélios is first and foremost a place dedicated to epicureans, where you feel good with attentive and relaxed service.

“A place that just feels right”

On the restaurant side, Hélios offers its guests table service with an authentic and creative menu.

A journey with fusion starters and traditional dishes revisited.
Without forgetting the delicacies and creations of our Pastry Chef Corentin Barbier.

“Hélios offers genuine cuisine through selected products”

Hélios at Home

Hélios at home was born out of a desire to be resilient in this period full of doubts.
Hélios at home offers to bring the restaurant to your home.
We offer a personal chef and maître d’hôtel service at affordable rates.
In the strictest respect of hygiene and protection standards.
Do not hesitate to contact us for your next intimate event.

Hélios at home the new restaurant

Products & Suppliers

In the spirit of sincerity and transparency, Hélios sources quality products from passionate suppliers.

Viande Luma Delikatessen


Figuerola fromages



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Hélios Restaurant
5, Rue des Pierres-du-Niton
1207 Genève

022 736 93 93
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