Our lives consist of delicious little moments that we dig into with a hearty appetite.
At Helios, we want you to feel good here – like you’re part of the family.
We’re a fresh and uninhibited place where authentic dishes have the power to bring people together who are passionate about food.
Everyone who walks through our doors is treated to a unique experience based on the products specially selected by Christopher Laurent Balestra.

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Hélios is a contemporary restaurant where we live for the little moments as well as the big ones. We’re perfect place to share a meal with the ones you love.

Located in the heart of the dynamic Eaux-Vives district, Hélios offers a selection of seasonal suggestions and a business lunch offer at 33 CHF.

To meet the expectations of active people with prompt and attentive service.

“Mixology at its true value”

In the evening, Helios offers a full menu as well as access to its bar where a variety of signature cocktails are created by our in-house mixologist.

Our Sommelier will treat you with our nice selection of wine.

Not to forget our cheese trolley for the most “gourmand”.

“Hélios offers genuine cuisine through selected products”

Christopher Laurent Balestra, Chef Exécutif

Table d’hôte

The Helios table d’hôte guides you through a unique gastronomic experience. It is available only to parties of eight or more, and you will be able to discuss the menu with the chef and specially tailor it to your group.
A record player is at your disposal during the evening, should you wish to have music accompany you on your culinary journey.

Products & Suppliers

In the spirit of sincerity and transparency, Hélios sources quality products from passionate suppliers.

Viande Luma Delikatessen


Figuerola fromages



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Hélios Restaurant
5, Rue des Pierres-du-Niton
1207 Genève

022 736 93 93
December Exclusive Dates
Thursdays 10th & 17th
Fridays 11th & 18th
6.30pm to 11pm